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Pioneer Industrial Systems has become recognized world-wide as the leader in Green Tire Spraying Equipment.  We have engineered several different base models, and have the capabilities to custom design a system to your specific needs.  Our patented Precision Fluid Delivery System plays a pivotal role in supplying the best spray coverage in the industry.  We have expanded our product line using our expertise with FANUC Robotics and applied them in the tire build, cure, and final finish areas.




 Robotic Green Tire Spraying Systems

Passenger and Light Truck Radials (RTS1000i)

Medium Radial Truck Tires (RTS2000i)

Pioneer’s RTS1000i system takes a robotic approach to spraying mold release on the inside of green passenger tires.  As the tire enters the cell dimensions are gathered by two sets of light arrays.  This information is used to change the spray pattern, optimize the amount of spray, reduce the amount of overspray, resulting in an accurate and consistent spray system.  The tire is then picked up by a FANUC R1000 six axis robot and sprayed with Pioneer’s Patented Precision Fluid Delivery System.  As an option, the RTS1000io can be upgraded with an LR Mate robot that will spray the outside of the tire.  Check out our RTS2000i for larger MRT or Medium Radial Truck Tires.  These systems are covered under US PATENT No’s 7,943,201 / 8,646,404 / 9,192,953

Download RTS1000i Datasheet 

Download RTS1000io Datasheet


Download RTS2000i Datasheet

Dial Index Green Tire Spraying Systems

Passenger and Light Truck Radials (DTS1000i)

Medium Radial Truck Tires (DTS2000i)

This is Pioneer’s DTS1000i machine.  It is dial indexing spray system capable of handling passenger tires.  The DTS1000i can be outfitted to utilize Pioneer’s Patented Precision Fluid Delivery System.  Utilizing three stations, the tire is conveyed. measured, and chucked in the loading station.  The tire is then indexed to the spray station where a spray gun will pop up inside the tire and spray mold release to coat the tire.  The tire is then unloaded and conveyed out of the system in the exit zone.  With all three zones active at the same time, this machine has a very high throughput.  If needed this system can be outfitted with an additional spray gun to coat the outside of the tire.  This system is covered under US PATENT No. 9,192,953

Download DTS1000i Datasheet

Download DTS2000i Datasheet

Custom Tire Spray Systems

Custom AG, OTR, or AERO Systems

Pioneer’s in house engineering allows us to customer design and build systems to meet your needs for larger tire sizes.  We have done linear gantry pick and place  or robotic tire handling and spray systems.  These systems can interface with existing racking systems, carts, or conveyors.

White SideWall/Letter Protective Paint Spray System or High Point Painter

Finished White Walls and White Letter Passenger and LT Tires (WWS1000 or HP1000)

Pioneer’s WWS1000 uses vision to identify if the incoming finished tire contains a white wall, or white letters.  It then uses that same vision process to identify the size of the white area, and sends coordinates to the FANUC six-axis LRMate Robot to spray a protective coating over the white rubber.  This system is flexible, fast, and designed to reduce overspray.  It utilizes Pioneer’s Patented Precision Fluid Delivery System.  The standard version comes with a single lane conveyor, but it can be upgraded to a dual lane system. The dual lane system allows for a tire to enter/exit the cell and go through the vision process while the robot is spraying the opposite lane, thus increasing throughput.  For our HP1000 we can modify this system to apply high point paint dots on tires using inkjet print head mounted on end of robot arm.   This system is covered under US PATENT No’s 7,943,201 / 8,646,404 / 9,192,953

Download WWS1000o (HP) Datasheet

Manual Tire Sprayers

Small Bias or Radial Tires Manual Load/Unload

Pioneer’s model VTS1000io can spray both inside and or outside of tire.  The tires are manually loaded and unloaded into the spray booth.  Tires are sprayed via our patented Precision Fluid Delivery System based on tire recipe.  This system is covered under US PATENT No’s 8,646,404 / 9,192,953

Download VTS1000ioB Datasheet

Download VTS1000iR Datasheet

Pioneer’s model HTS100i can spray  inside of both bias-ply or radial tires.  The tires are manually loaded and unloaded into the spray booth.  Tires are sprayed using a simple pressure pot fluid delivery system.  Spray gun position and fan pattern along with spray timer are manually adjusted.

Download HTS100i Datasheet

Pioneer’s model HTS1000i can spray  inside of both bias-ply or radial AG tires.  The tires are manually loaded and unloaded into the spray booth.  Tires are sprayed using Pioneer patented precision fluid delivery system.  Spray gun position is controlled by a linear actuator. The amount of lube dispensed is controlled by a servo motor and the spray fan pattern is controlled, both based on tire recipe.

Download HTS10o0i Datasheet

 Precision Fluid Delivery System

Retrofit kits available

This is the heart of each spray system.  Utilizing several measuring devices, we measure incoming tires. This data is used to calculate spray gun positions, the amount of fluid, fan, and atomizing air required for that specific tire size.  Taking this information and applying it to our calibrated spray formula, we can precisely dispense the right amount of fluid for every tire that enters our systems.  This reduces overspray and allows us to adjust to each tire on the fly, without requiring batches, recipes, or any higher level communications.  While we prefer you purchase a new spray system, we recognize that sometimes the funds are not in the budget.  Our patented Precision Fluid Delivery System (PFDS) is able to be purchased separately and retrofitted onto existing equipment.  This allows you to experience some of the precision benefits that come with our tire spraying equipment at an affordable cost.  So keep us in mind when you go to upgrade your existing machine!  This technology is covered under US Patent No. 9,192,953.

Download PFDS Datasheet


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